The Mysterious World of a Freemason’s wife

Phillip Faulks has written a book about life as a Freemason’s wife,  the EDP24 website (Norfolk News) has written a article about it. A Summary of which is published below.

Freemasons have been shrouded in secrecy for centuries. The international network of many thousands of men, linked by strange handshakes and solemn vows, has intrigued, and sometimes incensed, outsiders. And until now, even their own wives were often outsiders.

But when Philippa Faulks’ husband decided to become a mason, she wanted to know more and spoke with a number of other wives who had no idea what it was all about, or didn’t want to know! but Philippa very definitely did want to know.

She was already fascinated by the history of magic and when her husband, began finding out more about freemasonry she became more and more interested. Every time her husband returned from a meeting she would quiz him about what he had seen and done, intrigued by the rituals, the costumes, the philosophy – and the myths and misconceptions.

Now she has written a book about freemasonry – aimed at other wives.

“It’s for wives, partners, friends, family, potential freemasons…It’s a very basic outline of what freemasonry involves,” said 40-year-old Pip, who has previously written books on meditation and magic.

Philippa Faulks at the Masonic Temple in Norwich with her husband Martin. Photo: James Bass.

Philippa Faulks at the Masonic Temple in Norwich with her husband Martin

Philippa with her book. Photo: James Bass.
Philippa with her book.

I think it was the history that drew me in first,Over the last century there was a heck of a lot of persecution of freemasons, which reached a peak with Hitler. The majority of people don’t know that Hitler hated freemasons as much as he hated Jews and gypsies.

Then, as her husband progressed through the various stages of initiation she gleaned as much as she could of modern day masonry.

I must admit, it was like ‘go on, go on…’ whenever he was talking about it!”

And she liked what she was learning.

It’s about teaching men to be better men, It’s not some kind of sinister gathering where they conspire to rule the world. The truth is that they sometimes find it hard enough to run a meeting!

For Phillipa’s husband Martin Freemasonry is very definitely a force for good.

It’s like boy scouts, but on steroids! I first read about free-masonry as a teenager. The idea of this secret society that had been instrumental in promoting, learning and science and freeing slaves…For me these secret, virtuous protectors of the universe were so cool, and they’ve even got a super-hero uniform!”

It is the ritual, history, training and brotherhood of freemasonry that fascinates him. He believes the formal initiation ceremonies are, like many martial arts, another path towards self-improvement.

For me they are so beautiful and inspiring

When asked has the mass of interest in Dan Brown generated more curiosity about freemasonry? Phillipa replied

Very much so, I think it has opened up a new wave of interest that has generated both positive and negative feelings towards the craft. It has made it seem more mystical to some, which again has had a double edged effect. One great thing about writing The Handbook for the Freemason’s Wife, was being able to dispel the majority of ridiculous and often downright damaging myths that have surrounded Freemasonry for so long.

As she researched freemasonry, and watched her husband being drawn into its ancient embrace, she fell for its combination of mystery and brotherhood.

I love freemasonry! I believe it is a powerful force for good in a society that has really lost its way, I often wished I could do it too.

She has considered joining one of the break-away European lodges which welcome women members and has written another book about the self-styled masonic magician who helped found them but she does not resent being excluded from the UK masonry. “It doesn’t really bother me as the whole system of freemasonry per se is geared up towards making men better men”

  • Philippa Faulks wrote A Handbook for the Freemason’s Wife with fellow freemason’s wife Cheryl Skidmore. It includes explanations of the words and symbols used by masons plus information on the ceremonies, aims, roles, history and charitable work of freemasons. It is available locally from Waterstones and from publisher Lewis Masonic at
  • Original article by written by Rowan Mantell, the photo’s are by James Bass