Masonic Pride Day

0_7892The Masonic Pride Day initiative was launched a couple of years ago and took it up and has made it a tradition.

Last year we celebrated the launch of Masonic Network, the first Social Networking site exclusively for Freemasons, on this day while all Freemasons worldwide humbly showed the world that they are proud to be part of our sacred brotherhood.

On this day we pray for all of the Poor and Distressed Masons, wherever they may be, dispersed over the face of the earth or on the water, and wish them a relief from their sufferings, and a happy return to their native land, should they so desire it.

Join our initiative on this day by hanging up a flag, a banner, a sign that would show the people around that you are a mason, in front of your house, on your car, wear a t-shirt, a lapel pin or just be with us in your soul.

You can download a printable poster from here:
Print it and hang it on your window, in your car, in your office or print it directly on a shirt.

4 thoughts on “Masonic Pride Day

  1. A good Brother of mine and I have been analyzing the decline in Masonic membership in our lodge, our district, our state, and our nation for about a year now. The thought came to me that we should establish a “Masonic Pride Week” in the US so I Googled “Masonic Pride” and here I am. I sounds like you have already done just what I was considering. Have you set a day of the year? If so, when is it? I have not explored you site yet so these answers may be there. How successful have you been? How is membership doing in your country?


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