Freemasonry and Christianity

There is a sad misconception within some mainstream churches, as well as in some much smaller ecclesial societies, that Freemasonry is incompatible with Christian belief and practice. Some even state very publicly that it is impossible to be a Christian and a Freemason. Let me state from the outset that I and many other Christians, both lay and ordained, have found that the one compliments and sustains the other. The Masonic principles of brotherly love, relief, and truth, are totally in keeping with Christian teaching, as is the charitable giving exercised by all Freemasons – many hundreds of thousands of pounds are given on a regular basis by lodges to many different charitable causes. You name it, Freemasons support it very generously indeed.

Some claim that there is an outright denial of Sacred Scripture within Masonry – a total misrepresentation! The Scriptures are hailed as one of the ‘Great Lights of Freemasonry’, and an open Bible sits in pride of place within every single Lodge. As Masonry is open to all men (admittedly men only, although there are some women’s Masonic Orders) who have a belief in a Supreme Being, whatever their faith, God is referred to as ‘The Great Architect of the Universe’, and where there is a multi-faith membership within a Lodge, the Sacred Torah, the Holy Qu’ran, or the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, might share a place with the Holy Bible, individually and collectively referred to as ‘The Volume(s) of Sacred Law’.

Anyone who has difficulty accepting the Masonic description of God need simply refer to the Psalms where many references can be found to the Creator, for example “laying the earth’s foundations”, and there are constant references in Masonic ritual to God’s supreme love and care, as well as to our duty to Him.

The first question a candidate for Masonry is asked as he enters into the ceremony of initiation is “in whom do you place your trust?” Unless the candidate freely answers, “in God”, then his entry into Masonry cannot proceed. As the initiated Mason progresses, if he wishes to, through some of the higher degrees of Masonry, he must profess faith in the Holy Trinity, and in Christ as ‘the Way, the Truth, and the Life’. Seems quite Christian to me!

Some people are under the impression that part of the promises made by Masons on their initiation take the form of ‘Blood-oaths’. This is a total fallacy. In Masonic legend, there were indeed some pretty gory penalties, but I can promise that never in my Masonic career have I pledged to allow myself to be disembowelled, to have my throat cut, my tongue ripped out, or to have any other body parts forcibly removed, if I betray Masonic secrets. The ‘ancient penalties’ are alluded to during Masonic ritual, but they are certainly not part of any oath or obligation.

Which brings me very nicely to the much-hackneyed claim that Freemasonry is a ‘secret society’. This is utter nonsense. The fact that we are Masons is never something that we would ever want to conceal – far from it. Any Freemason will proudly wear a lapel badge that proclaims his membership, perhaps the famous ‘Square and Compasses’, or perhaps a ‘Forget me not’ badge, which became a symbol of the oppression of German Masons during the Holocaust, when many thousands of our brethren were killed by the Nazi regime. Yes, we have our secrets – but they are the signs and tokens of recognition uniquely kept between Masons and they are no more sinister than keeping one’s banking PIN a closely guarded secret.

As a Christian, I have found that Freemasonry affirms my Christian life, and especially my ministry as a priest. It provides support, friendship, affirmation, and encouragement that would be envied by any ecclesial body, and I defy anybody who is not a Freemason, and who condemns Freemasonry as ‘Unchristian’, to prove themselves worthy to criticise. I am proud to be a Christian, proud to be a Freemason, and especially proud to be a Christian Freemason.

Written by Fr Paul (A Christian Freemason)

Re-posted with Permission

12 thoughts on “Freemasonry and Christianity

  1. I’ve been reading along for a while now. I just wanted to drop you a comment to say keep up the good work.

  2. what you say about the oaths is an out right lie unless you are speaking of the rewritten Scottish rite degrees and in order to receive them one must first take the first three degrees

  3. Brother Billy,

    Your comment is curious.

    Anyone can find the oaths taken by Freemasons in Elgland and Wales, by those in Scotland and many other juristicions – including craft, York rite, Scottish rite just by Googling for them.

    Lewis Masonic (an imprint of Ian Allen Publishing) publish the rituals for several workings. These also include the complete texts of the oaths and obligations. The rituals purchasable by Masons and Non-Masons alike.

    It is therefore very easy for anyone so inclined to come to their own conclusions about Brother Fr Paul’s claims and your counter-claims.

  4. Fr Paul,

    Thanks for this post. I’ve heard many say that Freemasonry and Christianity are incompatible, but this is the best counterargument I’ve read. I think it would be helpful if more Christian Freemasons were able to thoughtfully defend their position, as you have done here.

    Tracey Madsen

  5. I have always been fascinated with the FreeMasons. Every time there is something on TV about them I can’t help but watch it. One of my Mom’s best friends husband was a Mason. Does anyone know how you become one? Do you have to be invited?

  6. Hello Shane

    To join the Craft you will need to know or get to know two members.

    If you do not know any Freemasons, your should should contact the Grand Lodge where you live – you can look this up on google and they will point you in the direction of your nearest lodge – they will probably want to get to know over the course of a few social events. And if they are satisfied that you would make a good freemason they will invite you to join.

  7. Is this true that masons..have this what you call ring and this we would..know that a person is a masons..?

    Is it also true..that only rich people can join this masons..In our province mason people have not so good attitude that’s the reason why manu of people here..don’t want to talk them..Nut thanks a lot..I really learned from your nice post!!!

  8. As I understand it, belief in one God is required of every initiate, but their own conception of that God is left to their own interpretation. This is why I believe Freemasonry and Christianity are compatible.

  9. Well..of course…Freemasonry and christianity are alway be compatible in terms of well..this couple..would have a problem..regarding on their families feeling…many of it wouldn’t allow their daughter to mary christian…or with the opposite..but if they really love each other..they would give up..something for the good of their future family..for example of it is in their children..because!!!their child cannot..have a different and opposite belief and the possibility with this..hatred will live with that child between the two religions..that’s it..MORE POWER!

  10. Wow, I was just browsing and found this article that changed the way I look at Freemasonry. Being a Christian I was told that being a freemason was a completely different to the Christian Church, which seems wrong. Just as much as my religous upbringing, only now am I questioning things that were indoctrinated into me at an early age.

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